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The JutsuONLINE Rules

PostPosted: Sat Apr 29, 2017 1:15 am
by Pontus
The JutsuONLINE Rules

    1. Be nice.
    • Behaviour described as Flaming, Abusing, Harassing*, Disruptive or “Trolling” is, in any way, shape or form, strictly prohibited. Keep your arguments civil.
      *This includes, but is not restricted to sexual harassment.

    2. Respect is the most basic form of currency.
    • Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs, as well as to get upset, but none has the right to disrespect their fellow man. Doing so to other players, or especially to members of Staff is certain to get you in trouble. Defending the right side of an argument is not, nor has it ever been an excuse to this. Whether you're in the right or in the wrong, standing up for your beliefs or playing devil's advocate, you may not do it.

    3. Save the pretending for Role-Play.
    • You may not impersonate a member of the JO Team.

    4. You are responsible for what happens in your account.
    • We do not recognise the sharing of accounts. If you lend it to someone who then breaks the rules, it is as much your responsibility as it is the rule breaker's.

        4.1 One account per player.
        • Players caught using multiple accounts will find them locked.

    5. Spam.
    • All forms of spam will be deleted, often alongside the accounts doing it. If you do not wish for this to happen to you, don't do Spam.

    6. This is a game.
    • While there’s no doubt being conscientious of current times and issues is extremely important, there’s a time and a place for everything. This is a game and therefore not a means to debate politics, religion or anything of the sort.

    7. Cheating, Hacking.
    • The use of unauthorised software or other means to willingly break the limitations imposed by the game is completely forbidden as well as one of the worst offences one player can make.

    8. Monetisation.
    • The selling or trading of JO items, spells or accounts for personal benefit (monetary or otherwise) is, as one would expect, off-limits, as is trying to scam or exploit the JO Donations system in any way, shape or form.

    9. You are a guest
    • Remember, you are playing a game you did not make. While we are thankful for any and all players we have, we are not your servants, and you are not owed anything. We reserve the right to remove anyone from our game at any time. So please, be a good guest.

    10. Sanctions
    • The JutsuONLINE Staff reserves the rights to use any and all tools to our disposal to deal with rule breakers or those we find harmful to our project, both in the Game and in the Forums. These can range from removing content to mutes, freezes, bans or any number of other things, ranging from temporary to permanent. Whether you believe we are justified in doing so, or not.

        10.1 Repeat Offences
        • Members of the community who break the same rule multiple times, or multiple rules will be considered to be disregarding authority, a severe breach of Rules 1. 2. and 10., which will naturally lead them down harsher sanctions and punishments than what normally would have expected. The same will apply to those we believe to have broken our rules while fully aware of what they were doing.

    11. The Rules
    • All players must have fully read and understood this thread. Those who do not, do so at their own risk because, as a dear friend of the JO Family so very much enjoyed saying:
      Ignorance of the rules is not an excuse.

        11.1. This Document May Be Changed
        • The Staff is not able to foresee any and all possible variations of rule breaking, or even new forms of doing so. As such, this document will be subject to change at any time we please.

            11.1.1 The Simpsons Excuse
            • We're all familiar with the urban myths of people who put an adored pet in the microwave to warm them up and then sued the microwave company for damages, because the manual didn't read: "Will harm living creatures". This game does not work like that. We think better of our community.
              While we will try to be forgiving to people we believe did something they genuinely had no way of knowing they couldn't do, this in no way means that the "The rules didn't specify I couldn't do this, so I did it" is not a valid excuse for anything. If we believe there's even a remote possibility the player(s) in question knew what they were doing was wrong, sanctions will be applied.
              The name for this rule was taken from beloved cartoon series the Simpsons, where this happened.