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Installing and Playing JO2 on Mac

PostPosted: Tue Aug 21, 2018 11:02 pm
by byakurai
A short and straightforward guide to enable players to play JutsuOnline 2 on Mac.

1) Download the following files:
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Core game:!Z0B3CAoa!1RylQEFped-FxYPvuNslzA
Patch A:
Patch B:
Patch C:

2) In your JO2 folder, replace the old JO2.exe with the newly downloaded copy.

3) Inside the main JO2 folder is another called Data. Open this, and place Patch A, Patch B and Patch C inside of it.

4) Open wineskin and follow the installation instructions.

5) Once complete, right click (or CTRL + click) JO2.exe. Select Open with from the drop-down menu, then select wine.

6) ???

7) Profit.