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An In-Depth Guide to JO Role-play: Element - Earth

PostPosted: Wed May 30, 2018 8:24 pm
by Shima


Stat Modifiers
Nin PWR- Dictates the size and density of your earth.
Chakra Ctrl- Dictates how well you can manipulate the properties on the ground and how well you’re able to mold the earth’s composition.

Earth release is one of the five basic elemental nature transformations. Earth style generally has a heavier focus on manipulating earth that is already present, rather than creating it oneself. Users of earth style learn to manipulate the landscape and terrain of the battlefield to defeat their opponents.

At Nin Pwr 2 and Chakra Ctrl 3 the user is a complete novice at manipulating the earth around them. At this level, you are able to use Earth Release: Earth Blast jutsu. This technique involves the user placing their palm on the ground to create a small ball of rock which can then be used as a projectile towards an opponent.

At Nin Pwr 4 and Chakra Ctrl 5 you begin to develop more skill at altering the earth’s composition. At this stage you are now able to perform the technique Earth Release: Earth-style wall. By placing both hands on the ground, the user creates a solid wall of earth that can be used for defense to protect the shinobi. This wall may defend of up to D-rank Ninjutsu and Taijutsu attacks. Your Earth Blast jutsu can now create multiple medium sized rocks which can be used as projectiles.

At Nin Pwr 5 and Chakra Ctrl 6 your skill in manipulating the earth’s composition has increased allowing you to perform the technique, Earth Release: Earth Spike. By manipulating the earth on the ground, a cone shaped spike made up of earth chakra will rise and possibly impale your target. The spikes you can create at this stage will be no larger than a small tent. Your earthen wall has grown in defense, now able to defend against C-rank Ninjutsu and Taijutsu attacks. Your Earth Blast jutsu can now create boulder sized rocks and use them as projectiles.

A-rank: At this stage, you’ve reached mastery in shape manipulation. At Nin Pwr 8 and Chakra Ctrl 8 You have gained the ability to travel up to 20 meters underground. Along with travelling underground, your earth style has developed to the point where you are able to perform Earth Release: Earth and Stone Dragon. This technique allows you to create a dragon out of the soil and rocks from the ground. (Note: The Earth Dragon may grow in size, but it is not and will not be as powerful as a Senju’s wood dragon.) At this stage, the dragon is as tall as a small building and has very impressive offensive and defensive capabilities. Attacks below B-rank will not phase it. Your earth spikes have developed to the point where you can create multiple on the ground at once causing for more terrain control. The spike has grown, being as tall as a human. Your earthen wall has also grown more in size and defense. A massive wall of earth can now be created, being able to defend up to B-rank Taijutsu and Ninjutsu attacks. The Earth Blast jutsu has grown to be able to create large boulder’s to be used as projectiles.

S-rank: At this level, you’ve now mastered shape manipulation and nature manipulation. At Nin Pwr 10 and Chakra Ctrl 10 you are able to perform the technique, Earth Release: Swamp of the Underworld. By changing the composition of the surface beneath target, you are able to sink your target into mud. If the target is caught in the mud, the adhesive will ensnare the body, making it very hard to escape the jutsu without the help of comrades. This technique is most effective when used to trap multiple targets. As you’ve reached mastery of earth style, your earth dragon has now grown to be that of a medium sized building. Along with Earth spikes, you’re now able to create large pillars of earth. These pillars can be used as a platform or as a support-hold for buildings. The earth spike and pillar are as tall as the average tree. Your earthen wall has grown in shape and form, now being modified to be able to create a large earth dome around you and a few allies. The earth blast jutsu has also been evolved to be able to create craters underneath the surface of a target. These craters can be used to trap enemies underground or manipulate the terrain.