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Welcome to JutsuONLINE! A roleplay based Naruto MMORPG.

JutsuOnline 1 has been an ongoing project for 5 years now. During that 5 year period we have developed our game continuously, placing us at the forefront of Naruto based MMOs. After such success, we have decided to strive for more, with the coming of JO2!

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JutsuONLINE 2 ALPHA release early 2015!

We are currently in a major Dev phase preparing for the release of JutsuONLINE 2! JO2 will be a fully automated game with it's own client (no more WOW downloads!) that boasts an easily downloadable size of less than 4GB in size. Complete with a launcher that will handle updates seemlessly so you never miss out on the latest development.

For more information on JO2's progress, watch this space..

JutsuONLINE Website Application

If you have already made your game account then log in here to make use of the JO Website application. Here you can create a Bio for your characters, Teleport them to a safe place if you have crashed in game and much more functions coming soon!

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