Welcome to JutsuONLINE! A roleplay based Naruto MMORPG.

JutsuONLINE's Features:

Jutsu, Items, Missions, Chuunin Exams, Rogue Organisations, Ramen, Summons, Sage paths, Cursed Seals, Jichuuriki, Forbidden Jutsu, Ninja ranks, Giant sanin summons, World bosses, Bloodlines, World Rp, daily events and much much more! Log in now to find out all our amazing features!

JutsuONLINE offers two playable, opposing villages, Konohagakure and Sunagakure.

JutsuONLINE has a world storyboard, which means it has a running story (Like the manga series..) It is designed in such a way, that 1 week is the equivalent of one episode.

JutsuONLINE's storyboard has approximately 100 episodes, which is about 2 years worth of content. The JO series, will have a main storyline and many sub plots throughout the 100 episode. It is very possibly that you find yourself being included in this epic story!

JutsuONLINE Website Application

If you have already made your game account then log in here to make use of the JO Website application. Here you can create a Bio for your characters, Teleport them to a safe place if you have crashed in game and much more functions coming soon!
If you haven't made an account, you can do so by signing up to our forums here